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Ellen Peters, Ph.D.

is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Ohio State University. Peters received her BSE and BS from the University of Pennsylvania in Systems Engineering and Marketing.  She completed her MS and PhD in Psychology from the University of Oregon before joining Decision Research in 1998, where she conducted research on how affective and deliberative processes help people to make decisions in an increasingly complex world until 2010, when she joined the faculty at Ohio State.

She studies decision making as an interaction of characteristics of the decision situation and characteristics of the individual and is currently funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and other federal and private agencies.  Her research interests include decision making, affect and emotion, risk perception, numeracy, and aging, and she is particularly interested in the development and application of psychological theory to problems in health and financial domains. She was recently appointed as a voting member to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Risk Communication Advisory Committee.

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