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911 Slovic, P., & Västfjäll, D. The arithmetic of compassion and the future of risk management in press
919 Baucum, M., Rosoff, H., John, R., Burns, W., & Slovic, P. Modeling public responses to soft-target transportation terror. 2018
917 Fielding, S., Slovic, P., Johnston, M., Lee, A. J., Bond, C. M., & Watson, M. C. Public risk perception of non-prescription medicines and information disclosure during consultations: A suitable target for intervention? 2018
910 Gregory, R., Harstone, M., & Slovic, P. Improving intervention decisions to prevent genocide: Less muddle, more structure 2018
920 Popova, L., Owusu, D., Weaver, S. R., Kemp, C. B., Mertz, C. K., Pechacek, T. F., & Slovic, P. Affect, risk perception, and the use of cigarettes and e-cigarettes: A population study of U.S. adults 2018
918 Van Boven, L., & Slovic, P. The psychological trick behind Trump’s misleading terror statistics 2018
896 Dahmen, N. S., & Slovic, P. How much power can an image actually wield? 2017
861 Dieckmann, N. F., Gregory, R., Peters, E., & Hartman, R. Seeing what you want to see: How imprecise uncertainty ranges enhance motivated reasoning 2017
836 Dieckmann, N. F., Johnson, B. B., Gregory, R., Mayorga, M., Han, P. K., & Slovic, P. Public perceptions of expert disagreement: Bias and incompetence or a complex and random world? 2017
871 Gregory, R. The troubling logic of inclusivity in environmental consultations 2017
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