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968 Dieckmann, N. F., & Johnson, B. B. Why do scientists disagree? Explaining and improving measures of the perceived causes of scientific disputes in press
963 Erlandsson, A., Nilsson, A., Tinghög, G., Andersson, D., & Västfjäll, D. Donations to outgroup-charities, but not ingroup-charities, predict helping intentions towards street-beggars in Sweden in press
961 Gregory, R., & Dieckmann, N. Improving stakeholder engagement for upstream risks in press
964 Nilsson, A., Erlandsson, A., & Västfjäll, D. The complex relation between receptivity to pseudo-profound bullshit and political ideology in press
965 Skagerlund, K. Bolt, T., Nomi, J., Skagenholt, M., Västfjäll, T., Träff, U., & Uddin, L Disentangling mathematics from executive functions by investigating unique functional connectivity patterns predictive of mathematics ability in press
911 Slovic, P., & Västfjäll, D. The arithmetic of compassion and the future of risk management in press
967 Delaney, D. G., & Slovic, P. Countering the prominence effect: How U.S. national security lawyers can fulfill non-prominent humanitarian objectives 2019
923 Zhang, Y., & Slovic, P. Much ado about nothing: The zero effect in life-saving decisions 2019
919 Baucum, M., Rosoff, H., John, R., Burns, W., & Slovic, P. Modeling public responses to soft-target transportation terror. 2018
959 Dahmen, N., & Slovic, P. Re “Saudi war pushes Yemenis to the brink of starvation,” October 28 and “Why The Times decided to publish haunting photos of Yemeni children,” October 28 [Letter to the editor] 2018
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