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858 Maier, S. R., Mayorga, M., & Slovic, P. The affective gap: Response to news of humanitarian crisis differs by gender and age in press
896 Dahmen, N. S., & Slovic, P. How much power can an image actually wield? 2017
836 Dieckmann, N. F., Johnson, B. B., Gregory, R., Mayorga, M., Han, P. K., & Slovic, P. Public perceptions of expert disagreement: Bias and incompetence or a complex and random world? 2017
871 Gregory, R. The troubling logic of inclusivity in environmental consultations 2017
893 Gregory, R. Why environmental consultations don’t work 2017
860 Gregory, R., & Keeney, R. L. A practical approach to address uncertainty in stakeholder deliberations 2017
895 Harel, I., Kogut, T., Pinchas, M., & Slovic, P. Effect of media presentations on willingness to commit to organ donation 2017
892 Johnson, B. B., & Nakayachi, K. Examining associations between citizens’ beliefs and attitudes about uncertainty and their earthquake risk judgments, preparedness intentions, and mitigation policy support in Japan and the United States 2017
880 Majeed, B. A., Weaver, S. R., Gregory, K. R., Whitney, C. F., Slovic, P., Pechacek, T. F., & Eriksen, M. P. Changing perceptions of harm of e-cigarettes among U.S. adults, 2012–2015 2017
894 Nayak, P., Pechacek, T. F., Slovic, P., & Eriksen, M. P. Regretting ever starting to smoke: Results from a 2014 national survey 2017
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