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921 Dillon, R. L., Burns, W. J., & John, R. S. Insights for critical alarm-based warning systems from a risk analysis of commercial aviation passenger screening in press
924 Majeed, B. A., Nyman, A., Sterling, K. L., & Slovic, P. Little cigars and cigarillos: Affect and perceived relative harm among U.S. adults, 2015. in press
911 Slovic, P., & Västfjäll, D. The arithmetic of compassion and the future of risk management in press
919 Baucum, M., Rosoff, H., John, R., Burns, W., & Slovic, P. Modeling public responses to soft-target transportation terror. 2018
959 Dahmen, N., & Slovic, P. Re “Saudi war pushes Yemenis to the brink of starvation,” October 28 and “Why The Times decided to publish haunting photos of Yemeni children,” October 28 [Letter to the editor] 2018
929 Erlandsson, A., Hohle, S. M., Løhre, E., & Västfjäll, D. The rise and fall of scary numbers: The effect of perceived trends on future estimates, severity ratings, and help-allocations in a cancer context 2018
954 Erlandsson, A., Nilsson, A., Tinghög, G., & Västfjäll, D. Bullshit-sensitivity predicts prosocial behavior 2018
955 Erlandsson, A., Nilsson, A., & Västfjäll, D. Attitudes and donation behavior when reading positive and negative charity appeals 2018
917 Fielding, S., Slovic, P., Johnston, M., Lee, A. J., Bond, C. M., & Watson, M. C. Public risk perception of non-prescription medicines and information disclosure during consultations: A suitable target for intervention? 2018
931 Finkel, A. M., & Johnson, B. B. The limits of self-interest: Results from a novel stated-preference survey to estimate the social benefits of life-prolonging regulations 2018
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