Psychic Numbing and the Ongoing Genocide in Darfur

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Media Coverage

  • Emma Janke interviewed Paul Slovic on Sweden’s Vetandets Värld February 10, 2009 (mostly in Swedish).  Listen here.
  • Paul Slovic was interviewed on January 8, 2009 by Anna Maria Tremonti on CBC’s The Current. Listen to the interview here, in Part 1: Mass Suffering
  • Paul Slovic was interviewed in Sweden in October, 2008, where he participated in the Interdisciplinary Research Conference on the Bystander. Listen to the interview.
  • Dr. Steve Shankman interviews Paul Slovic, on the University of Oregon Humanities Center’s UO Today television program October 8, 2008. Dr. Slovic discusses his recent research into the psychological factors contributing to public apathy toward genocide.  (Length: 28 min)

      • Six-minute documentary overview of Dr. Slovic’s research on psychic numbing and genocide. Produced in the Spring of 2008 by Desiree Aflleje, Emese Foss, and Jon Palfreman.

  • The National Science Foundation’s May 15, 2008 press release “Why Nations Fail to Act” includes coverage of Paul Slovic’s work and a video interview in which he discusses psychic numbing, or “why people, who emotionally care for and respond to one person in need, tend to become emotionally numb to many people in need.”
  • Paul Slovic was interviewed for an article entitled “Why We Don’t Care About Darfur” that appeared in the September, 2007 issue of O Magazine on page 236.
  • Paul’s September 9, 2007 interview with World Vision Report is available here.
  • Paul Slovic participated in a panel entitled “The Ethics of Witnessing in the Public Domain,” with Jerry Fowler, Nicholas Kristof, and Barbie Zelizer, as part of the University of Oregon’s Symposium Witnessing Genocide: Representation and Responsibility, April 30, 2007.