Feeling of Risk: New Perspectives on Risk Perception

Edited by Paul Slovic

From the back cover:

The Feeling of Risk brings together the work of Paul Slovic, one of the world’s leading analysts of risk, to describe the extension of risk-perception research into the first decade of this new century.

In this collection of important works, Paul Slovic explores the concept of ‘risk as feelings’ and examines the interaction of feeling and cognition in the perception of risk. He also examines the elements of knowledge, cognitive skill, and communication necessary for good decisions in the face of risk. Following on from The Perception of Risk (2000), this book presents some of the most significant research on risk perception in recent years, providing essential lessons for all those involved in risk perception and communication.

Available from the publisher, Earthscan.

Reference: Slovic, P. (Ed.) (2010). The feeling of risk: New perspectives on risk perception. London: Earthscan.