The Decision Playbook: Making Thoughtful Choices in a Complex World

By Lee Failing, Robin Gregory, Graham Long, and Brooke Moore

Published by GutsNHeads Project

Young people are powerful. Increasingly they are making decisions on the world stage that are improving our world’s trajectory. If we educators can rally around them and teach them the skills laid out in this book, then we are all empowered to take positive action in the world.

The authors have seen how good decision skills change the way people think and talk together in real high-stakes decisions. As professionals and as parents and citizens, we sometimes look at the complexities facing our present and next-generation decision makers and feel overwhelmed. This book enables us to take action in a way that deals with that sense of overwhelm by contributing to the solution rather than stressing about the problem. We can help young people make more thoughtful choices that better reflect their values and that anticipate, with courage and clear vision, the range of likely consequences.

In our collaboration, we have been awed by the skills, creativity, and readiness of teachers to help their students become more capable adults in a complex world. We hope the ideas in this book find their way into to your daily practice, where they can benefit you, your family and friends, your colleagues, and of course the young people you work with.

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Reference: Failing, L., Gregory, R., Long, G., & Moore, B. (2019). The decision playbook: Making thoughtful choices in a complex world (Teachers’ ed.). Vancouver: GutsNHeads Project.