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Pub. # Author Title Year
985 Rubaltelli, E., Hysenbelli, D., Dickert, S., Mayorga, M., & Slovic, P. Sensitivity to perceived costs and benefits in donation decisions in press
1012 Andersson, P. A., Erlandsson, A., Västfjäll, D., & Tinghög, G. Prosocial and moral behavior under decision reveal in a public environment 2020
998 Arvai, J., & Gregory, R. Beyond choice architecture: A building code for structuring climate risk management decisions 2020
1013 Bessette, D., & Gregory, R. The promise and reality of social and cultural metrics 2020
1019 Bhatia, S., Walasek, L., Slovic, P., & Kunreuther, H. The more who die, the less we care: Evidence from natural language analysis of online news articles and social media posts 2020
1017 Erlandsson, A., Lindkvist, A., Lundqvist, K., Andersson, P. A., Dickert, S., Slovic, P., & Västfjäll, D. Moral preferences in helping dilemmas expressed by matching and forced choice 2020
1001 Estrada-Mejia, C., Peters, E., Dieckmann, N. F., Zeelenberg, M., De Vries, M., & Baker, D. P. Schooling, numeracy, and wealth accumulation: A study involving an agrarian population 2020
983 Gregory, R., Satterfield, T., & Boyd, D. R. People, pipelines, and probabilities: Clarifying significance and uncertainty in environmental impact assessments 2020
973 Johnson, B. B. Probing the role of institutional stereotypes in Americans’ evaluations of hazard-managing institutions 2020
1018 Johnson, B. B. Perceived characteristics of hazard-managing organizations for institutional stereotypes and their effects on trust 2020
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