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1041 Markowitz, D. M., & Slovic, P. Why we dehumanize illegal immigrants: A US mixed-methods study in press
985 Rubaltelli, E., Hysenbelli, D., Dickert, S., Mayorga, M., & Slovic, P. Sensitivity to perceived costs and benefits in donation decisions in press
1033 Andersson, P. A., Erlandsson, A., & Västfjäll, D. Norm avoiders: The effect of optional descriptive norms on charitable donations 2021
1019 Bhatia, S., Walasek, L., Slovic, P., & Kunreuther, H. The more who die, the less we care: Evidence from natural language analysis of online news articles and social media posts 2021
1035 Dieckmann, N. F., Gregory, R., Satterfield, T., Mayorga, M., & Slovic, P. Characterizing public perceptions of social and cultural impacts in policy decisions 2021
1034 Gregory, R., Kozak, R., Peterson St-Laurent, G., Nawaz, S., Satterfield, S., & Hagerman, S. Under pressure: Conservation choices and the threat of species extinction 2021
1018 Johnson, B. B. Perceived characteristics of hazard-managing organizations for institutional stereotypes and their effects on trust 2021
1030 Johnson, B. B., & Dieckmann, N. F. Lay beliefs about scientists’ relations with their employers 2021
1031 Johnson, B. B., & Mayorga, M. Americans’ early behavioral responses to COVID-19 2021
992 Johnson, B. B., & Swedlow, B. Cultural theory’s contributions to risk analysis: A thematic review with directions and resources for further research 2021
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