Ola Svenson is professor emeritus at Stockholm University and senior research scientist at Decision Research. He is one of the pioneers who introduced a process perspective and the think-aloud method in behavioral decision research. He started the European Group for Process Tracing of Decision Making, EGPROC and the group has met annually since 1981. Dr. Svenson discovered the time saving bias and published a seminal paper on self-perception, “Are we all less risky and more skillful than our fellow drivers?”, that has been quite influential and cited more than 2000 times over the years. Svenson’s Differentiation and Consolidation theory is a comprehensive coherence decision theory modeling decision processes which have come into focus during the last two decades. His research also includes studies of mental arithmetics, risk analysis, traffic safety and nuclear safety. Dr. Svenson is a past president and board member of the European Association for Decision Making. He has been a member of the board of the U. S. Society for Risk Analysis, was an honorary member of that society and received its European Distinguished Achievement Award in 1997. Dr. Svenson’s ongoing research includes analyses of judgment distributions that can be used to reveal different judgment rules, decision makers’ mental reactions after having been informed that they made the wrong choice, tests of the validity of human interval judgments and a major Swedish project on knowledge resistance.

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